3000 Miles, Zero Gas


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Check out our great article in Green Car Reports

Electric Bikes, Cars To Convoy Across U.S., Set New Guinness Records BY  ANTONY INGRAM 281 views May 6, 2013 Follow Antony The open road It’s human nature to push the boundaries of what one can achieve, a trait clearly...
by Susan Jones


Charge it Up

As the world turns increasingly towards greener technologies, the age of the electric vehicle (EV) has arrived. As a global leader in power and automation technologies, ABB plays a vital role in the development of sustainable m...
by Susan Jones

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Attempting four GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS® titles via Electric Vehicles

3000+ Miles, Zero Gas, 4 World Records Get ready for the biggest green event of 2013! One epic trip across the United States to throw a nationwide celebration of riding electric vehicles straight into the future. Over 44 days...
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Day 24: Santa Fe, NM—> Albuquerque, NM

Goodbye Santa Fe, Hello Albuquerque  Green lightning taking in the scenery      MADRID, NM IS SO COOL! Motor CYCES? Lunch break at Mine Shaft Tavern in Madrid   The Brammo electric moto joined us for a joy ride...
by morgan vanderwall

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NYC Kickstarter Launch Party Last Night!

You can’t win the girls in the photo, but you can win the e bike. Wanna buy a ticket for a chance to win this gorgeous A2B e bike?       Thanks for the great photos Juan! JuanPatinoPhotography.com  
by Susan Jones


Hybrid vs Electric

There’s little question that the future of the automobile includes some measure of electrification. The big debate is how much we’ll rely on an electric system’s volts and amps instead of an internal-combustio...
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RTFT Article by Christian Science Monitor

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Check Out Our Article in EcoSeed

        If you don’t already know this publication, you should subscribe. It’s a great source of news, tech innovations, and investment opportunities.   The sound of silence is rolling into ...
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Green is the new Black!

In case you haven’t heard….green is the new black! Electric Vehicles are THE big trend of 2013, and a trend that is here to stay. Going gas free isn’t just good for your wallet (which it is btw; how much have ...
by Susan Jones