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EV World: Ride the Future Tour: Driven to Promote Electric Vehicles

Ride the Future Tour: Driven to Promote Electric Vehicles Ride the Future Tour’s quest for five Guinness world records arrives in Tucumcari, New Mexico, roughly two-thirds the way to their goal of use zero petroleum. Driv...
by morgan vanderwall

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KTNV ABC: Ride the Future Tour” rolls through Las Vegas this weekend

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) – Environmentalists trying to make a difference, took their cause on the road. Riding the most advanced electric bike in the world, they’re going from South Carolina to the Google headquarters ...
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RTFT Fuels the Crew

Just like charging up your EV, we know you’ve gotta charge up your bod! Especially when venturing out on a 44 day road trip! We’re so excited about the 44 celebrations we’re throwing on our record-setting excu...
by Susan Jones



The Dunlap: Electric vehicle stops in Dunlap on way to record

“Members of a crew determined to set five Guinness world records and raise environmental awareness made their way through Dunlap on July 10. The Ride the Future Tour began in Charleston, South Carolina on July 4 and is ex...
by morgan vanderwall

FOND Group

We’re Fond of FOND Group

The Ride the Future Tour would like to extend a very special thank you to the FOND Group!   Ride The Future Tour would like to thank the Fond Group for their expertise in making this event come together. The FOND Group is ...
by Susan Jones



Ride To Riverside!

Who: Ride The Future Tour - www.ridethefuturetour.com. When: Thursday, August 8th, 2013 from 4:00-6:00pm. RTFT Introductions will take place inside at 4:30pm Where: Culver Center in downtown Riverside, RTFT vehicles will be...
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EV News Report covers Ride The Future Tour

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Sequoyah County Times: Driving on to promote electric cars

Dianna F. Dandridge • TIMES Electric cars It takes a team to document the adventures of a group of people promoting electric vehicles. Jonathan Becker, filmmaker; Evan Scott, cinematographer; George Wymenga, sound technician,...
by morgan vanderwall

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Curtis Martin Talk Show Hosts Ride The Future Tour

Ride The Future Team Team members Duane, BenSwing, Ben, Susan, and Jonathan discuss our upcoming cross country tour with callers. Give it a listen!   <iframe width=”400″ height=”370″ src=”h...
by Susan Jones