Our founder, Susan Jones of Xenon Motors, started out with a big dream. In 2011 she decided to set out to set the Guinness World Record for “The Longest Journey on an Electric Scooter”. She didn’t yet know how- she just knew it was going to happen. Fast forward to 2013 and that original dream has grown into the Ride the Future Tour- an epic road trip that will span the width of the United States, host celebrations in 44 different locations along the way, and set not one but attempt four world records.  They set out from Charleston, SC on  July 4th, 2013 and ride across America in an electric caravan, ending at the Google HQ in Mountain View, CA.

The purpose of this adventure is to put the spotlight on how amazing electric vehicles really are. We’ve all heard about the environmental impact of gas powered vehicles; but not only are EV’s great for the environment- they’re also a huge trend that is here to stay! We’re setting out to show everyone who’s sick of spending buckets of money on gasoline that there IS another option- even if you want to take a cross country road trip! Gas is out, electric is in, and we are ready to celebrate!

The crew behind the tour has grown as well; what began with just Susan is now a core group of 12, with an additional teams of consultants, community organizers, and celebrity spokespersons. Our big 12 is made up of an extremely diverse pool of talents- electric vehicle pioneers, an Emmy Award winning filmmaker, social media experts, a marketing whiz, a television host, and more.  While we all bring something different to the table, we share a common passion for the tour and a common goal: make this celebration as amazing as possible.

Not only will the Ride the Future tour be THE biggest green event of the year, but we’re also looking to make it the best party the world has ever seen. Our fantastic sponsors, celebrity affiliates, media partners, and of course the people of America, ensure the success of the baby Susan has grown into an event for the history books.

In addition to raising awareness about going gas free, the Tour will also benefit our beloved troops and veterans, community projects and breast cancer research. These are causes we feel so passionate about, we just couldn’t leave them out of such an incredible project!

Here are some of the highlights to look forward to:

  • Launch from Charleston, SC on July 4th
  • 44 stopovers
  • Finish Line at Google HQ CA
  • Reality TV celebs will be atop electric scooters riding along with the Tour!
  • A party at each and every stop!
  • A raffle + giveaways at every single stop
  • 15 cyclists from each city will ride A2B electric bicycles just under 100 miles to benefit breast cancer research
  • Live Music every night from our talent
  • Our own talented artists will travel along and perform each night
  • Test Ride the EVs – car, motorcycle, and scooter.  Learn how to ride a scooter!
  • An electric van will carry fans who purchase tickets to join this historic journey
  • Everyone on the trek gets to be a part of our feature length documentary that captures the event on film
  • Livestreaming to our fans around the globe lets everyone set the Record along with us
  • Our US Soldiers will hold the American flag as we cross the Finish Line
We’ll be attempting to set four GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS® titles: the Longest Journey in an electric car, on an electric scooter, an electric bike and an electric motorcycle.

The trek to celebrate the future + set the records it will take approximately 3,000 miles.

Here are the stops on the Ride the Future Tour trek across America. 


Thu, July 4th – Columbia, SC
Fri, July 5th – Greenville, SC
Sat, July 6th – Athens, GA
Sun, July 7th – Atlanta, GA

Mon, July 8th – Calhoun, GA
Tue, July 9th – Chattanooga, TN
Wed, July 10th – McMinnville, TN
Thu, July 11th – Nashville, TN
Fri, July 12th – Natchez Trace State Park, TN
Sat, July 13th – Whiteville, TN
Sun, July 14th – Memphis, TN

Mon, July 15th – Brinkley, AR
Tue, July 16th – Little Rock, AR
Wed, July 17th – Oden, AR
Thu, July 18th – Ft Smith, AR
Fri, July 19th – Henryetta, OK
Sat, July 20th – Oklahoma City, OK
Sun, July 21st – Clinton, OK

Mon, July 22nd – Shamrock, TX
Tue, July 23rd – Amarillo, TX
Wed, July 24th – Tucumcari, NM
Thu, July 25th – Las Vegas, NM
Fri, July 26th – Santa Fe, NM
Sat, July 27th – Albuquerque, NM
Sun, July 28th – Grants, NM

Mon, July 29th – Sanders, AZ
Tue, July 30th – Winslow, AZ
Wed, July 31st – Flagstaff, AZ
Thu, August 1st – Grand Canyon, AZ
Fri, August 2nd – Seligman, AZ
Sat, August 3rd – Kingman, AZ
Sun, August 4th – Las Vegas, NV

Mon, August 5th – Baker, CA
Tue, August 6th – Barstow, CA
Wed, August 7th – Big Bear Lake, CA
Thu, August 8th – Corona, CA
Fri, August 9th – Newport Beach, CA
Sat, August 10th – Santa Monica, CA (LA)
Sun, August 11th – Santa Barbara, CA

Mon, August 12th – San Luis Obispo, CA
Tue, August 13th – Big Sur, CA
Wed, August 14th – Sunset State Beach, CA
Thu, August 15th – San Gregorio, CA

Final Destination- Mountain View, CA; home of Google Head Quarters