3000 Miles, Zero Gas


by Susan Jones

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EV News Report covers Ride The Future Tour

by Susan Jones

great wrap

That’s a Wrap People!

I’m so excited to see the wrap for the Nissan Leaf that is setting the Guinness Record for the Longest Journey in an Electric Car ! Coming SOON!
by Susan Jones


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My Motto For Riding My Scooter Across the US

Except …..I won’t really stop for puking ! The scooter will eventually stop if I faint  ! Can’t think of a better way to die ! But death is highly improbable so no worries !!!
by Susan Jones

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Ride The Future Tour Promotional Video

* Ride The Future Tour Official Video *   Thanks to the Lunabelles for the perfect song and video to promote the Ride The Future Tour event. The words of the song remind us that even as one person there are litte things we...
by Susan Jones