3000 Miles, Zero Gas


robot helmet

The things we humans are capable of are truly amazing!

  Look at what this robot can do. If he can do this…he can do anything. Right??
by Susan Jones


Ride The Future Vehicles

The team is set to arrive at Google Headquarters on August 16th for one epic celebration before collecting a string of GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS® for the longest journey by electric car, motorcycle, scooter and bicycle, as well ...
by morgan vanderwall

Our Road Trip Is Going to Be Amazing!

Our Road Trip this Summer

This is gonna be the best road trip across America. JOIN US!!
by Susan Jones


Dom w bangs2

Dominique Aricero to ride electric scooter by day and entertain by night

                        Dominique Arciero joins               Ride The Future Tour Team !           Dominique has grown up on stage. She was on tour with Kenny Rogers ...
by Susan Jones

by Susan Jones