3000 Miles, Zero Gas


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SBArtsTV: YouTube Partner – Ride The Future Tour

Thanks to SBartsTV YouTube Partner Santa Barbara Arts TV for the awesome interview tonight in Santa Barbara, California! We are only 6 days away from the finish line so please help us get there and “Kick Gas!”
by morgan vanderwall


Day 24: Santa Fe, NM—> Albuquerque, NM

Goodbye Santa Fe, Hello Albuquerque  Green lightning taking in the scenery      MADRID, NM IS SO COOL! Motor CYCES? Lunch break at Mine Shaft Tavern in Madrid   The Brammo electric moto joined us for a joy ride...
by morgan vanderwall

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LiveGreenTN: Ride The Future Tour

Published on Jul 23, 2013 From Live Green Tennessee: Season 6, Episode 1: Ride the Future Tour is a 3,000 mile tour across America that aims to raise awareness about electric vehicles across the country. The parade of electric...
by morgan vanderwall


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Brit Joins The Tour

Welcome Ben Hopkins. Ride the Future Tour is excited to have such a seasoned cyclist join our tour. Ben has traveled across many countries on a bicycle before – but never on an electric bike! And while Ben is not riding ...
by Susan Jones


Cool Graphic Design

I dont know what they mean by this but what it means to me is: THE PEOPLE   must take care of   THE PLANET  then we will all  PROFIT  
by Susan Jones