3000 Miles, Zero Gas



The Dunlap: Electric vehicle stops in Dunlap on way to record

“Members of a crew determined to set five Guinness world records and raise environmental awareness made their way through Dunlap on July 10. The Ride the Future Tour began in Charleston, South Carolina on July 4 and is ex...
by morgan vanderwall

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Invitation Accepted. I’m Going to Istanbul !

I’ve been invited to join Al Gore in his Climate Reality Leadership Corps. Going to Istanbul for training June 14-16. OBLIGATIONS OF CLIMATE LEADERS* As one of The Climate Reality Project’s (“Climate Reality”) Clima...
by Susan Jones

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Ride The Future on Lithium Ion Batteries

German Scientists Create Lithium Ion Battery that Can Charge an Electric Car for 27 Years by Taz Loomans, 06/06/13 Scientists at the Center for Solar Energy and Hydrogen Research Baden-Wurttemburg (ZSW) have developed one of...
by Susan Jones


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Check out our great article in Green Car Reports

Electric Bikes, Cars To Convoy Across U.S., Set New Guinness Records BY  ANTONY INGRAM 281 views May 6, 2013 Follow Antony The open road It’s human nature to push the boundaries of what one can achieve, a trait clearly...
by Susan Jones


Press Release: Ride the Future Tour Rides into Arizona!

Ride The Future Tour, is a group of people riding electric vehicles across the country aiming for four Guinness World Records for going 3000K with zero gas. www.ridethefuturetour.com. The entire journey is being captured on ...
by morgan vanderwall

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EV News Report covers Ride The Future Tour

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Day 21: Amarillio, TX —> Tucumcari, NM

It was a LONG, HOT ride to Tucumcari today on Day 21! Any recommendations on the best Green Chili on our path??? #RideTheFutureTour enters New Mexico!   Luci reaches MidPoint of the tour! #LuciRides   Rachel helping h...
by morgan vanderwall

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44 Ways to Celebrate

We’re throwing 44 parties along our route across America! Each of these stopovers has it’s own history, culture, and awesome residents and we can’t wait to celebrate in each one!   Over the next few days ...
by Susan Jones

FOND Group

We’re Fond of FOND Group

The Ride the Future Tour would like to extend a very special thank you to the FOND Group!   Ride The Future Tour would like to thank the Fond Group for their expertise in making this event come together. The FOND Group is ...
by Susan Jones