3000 Miles, Zero Gas


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Check Out Our Article in EcoSeed

        If you don’t already know this publication, you should subscribe. It’s a great source of news, tech innovations, and investment opportunities.   The sound of silence is rolling into ...
by Susan Jones

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Green as…Gucci?

You might not think of putting “Gucci” and “green” in the same sentence (unless you’re talking about a fabulous dress), but the luxury designer is exuding eco-friendly as of late with their release...
by Susan Jones


Press Release: Ride the Future Tour Rides into Arizona!

Ride The Future Tour, is a group of people riding electric vehicles across the country aiming for four Guinness World Records for going 3000K with zero gas. www.ridethefuturetour.com. The entire journey is being captured on ...
by morgan vanderwall


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The things we humans are capable of are truly amazing!

  Look at what this robot can do. If he can do this…he can do anything. Right??
by Susan Jones

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“We’re Getting There”

We are excited to share a sneak peek from our Week 1 footage of the #RideTheFutureTour, “We’re Getting There” Documentary. An epic road trip spanning the width of the United States, involving 44 cities and aim...
by morgan vanderwall


The Dunlap: Electric vehicle stops in Dunlap on way to record

“Members of a crew determined to set five Guinness world records and raise environmental awareness made their way through Dunlap on July 10. The Ride the Future Tour began in Charleston, South Carolina on July 4 and is ex...
by morgan vanderwall


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Santa Fe and Albuquerque New Mexico Tour Stops

Ride The Future Tour is a group of electric vehicles traveling across the country aiming for four Guinness World Records for going 3000K with zero gas. We will be arriving in Santa Fe, New Mexico this afternoon and will be ce...
by morgan vanderwall


Ride To Riverside!

Who: Ride The Future Tour - www.ridethefuturetour.com. When: Thursday, August 8th, 2013 from 4:00-6:00pm. RTFT Introductions will take place inside at 4:30pm Where: Culver Center in downtown Riverside, RTFT vehicles will be...
by morgan vanderwall