3000 Miles, Zero Gas


Tesla Model S
Photo courtesy of Charged EV's

Saving Gas and Kicking….

You fill in the blank here. But that’s exactly what Tesla is doing, and the luxury electric vehicle company stole the show at the Geneva Auto Salon. That’s right: a fully electric vehicle showed up and took over, st...
by Susan Jones



We’re giving away 3  Xenon Scooters 3  A2B Bicycles   When we cross the finish line at Google Headquarters on August 16th, six winners will be chosen! Buy a raffle ticket for just a $5.00 donation and your name wil...
by Susan Jones

scooter girls DAY 1


We’ve had 2 very long distance runs and today is the 3rd. Riding these country roads through SC has been beautiful. Swamps, lakes, mossy trees, pretty little homes with wrap- around-porches. Such a nice ride!   Today...
by Susan Jones


rtft map with dots

Attempting four GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS® titles via Electric Vehicles

3000+ Miles, Zero Gas, 4 World Records Get ready for the biggest green event of 2013! One epic trip across the United States to throw a nationwide celebration of riding electric vehicles straight into the future. Over 44 days...
by Susan Jones


Day 24: Santa Fe, NM—> Albuquerque, NM

Goodbye Santa Fe, Hello Albuquerque  Green lightning taking in the scenery      MADRID, NM IS SO COOL! Motor CYCES? Lunch break at Mine Shaft Tavern in Madrid   The Brammo electric moto joined us for a joy ride...
by morgan vanderwall

climate reality banner small

Invitation Accepted. I’m Going to Istanbul !

I’ve been invited to join Al Gore in his Climate Reality Leadership Corps. Going to Istanbul for training June 14-16. OBLIGATIONS OF CLIMATE LEADERS* As one of The Climate Reality Project’s (“Climate Reality”) Clima...
by Susan Jones


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My Motto For Riding My Scooter Across the US

Except …..I won’t really stop for puking ! The scooter will eventually stop if I faint  ! Can’t think of a better way to die ! But death is highly improbable so no worries !!!
by Susan Jones

batteries pic

Ride The Future on Lithium Ion Batteries

German Scientists Create Lithium Ion Battery that Can Charge an Electric Car for 27 Years by Taz Loomans, 06/06/13 Scientists at the Center for Solar Energy and Hydrogen Research Baden-Wurttemburg (ZSW) have developed one of...
by Susan Jones

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Welcome Aussie Rachel!

Here comes an Australian to join the tour! Rachel is our Aussie UN worker devoted to education. She’ll be coordinating a range of activities at the town parties each night for kids and youth. She’s even helping cre...
by Susan Jones