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May 28, 2013

Ride The Future Tour Promotional Video

lunabelles in white car screen shot

* Ride The Future Tour Official Video *


Thanks to the Lunabelles for the perfect song and video to promote the Ride The Future Tour event.

The words of the song remind us that even as one person there are litte things we can do

to make a difference and make the world a better place.

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Susan Jones
Susan Jones


Dom w bangs2

Dominique Aricero to ride electric scooter by day and entertain by night

                        Dominique Arciero joins               Ride The Future Tour Team !           Dominique has grown up on stage. She was on tour with Kenny Rogers ...
by Susan Jones


Way to go Elon!

  FREE CHARGING STATIONS EVERYWHERE FOR LIFE AT THE SPEED OF LIGHT!   http://www.mnn.com/green-tech/transportation/blogs/tesla-dramatically-expands-charging-locations-making-ny-to-la-trip
by Susan Jones


Xenon Scooter featured in EV NEWS REPORT !

Xenon is honored to be the featured electric scooter in an article predicting the future of electric vehicle sales and popularity. See article: http://evnewsreport.com/annual-sales-of-electric-motorcycles-and-scooters-in-north-...
by Susan Jones


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Entertaining and Compelling – WATCH!

If you were smart, you would take 2 minutes and watch this!
by Susan Jones

Courtesy of FOX

Keith Urban is my ‘Idol’

Keith Urban is my current Aussie obsession. The country superstar turned American Idol judge has the charisma of a unicorn. I could listen to him all day- and I don’t just mean his music. I’d be happy just listening...
by Susan Jones

gucci green bag

Green as…Gucci?

You might not think of putting “Gucci” and “green” in the same sentence (unless you’re talking about a fabulous dress), but the luxury designer is exuding eco-friendly as of late with their release...
by Susan Jones