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March 6, 2013

Attempting four GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS® titles via Electric Vehicles

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3000+ Miles, Zero Gas, 4 World Records

Get ready for the biggest green event of 2013! One epic trip across the United States to throw a nationwide celebration of riding electric vehicles straight into the future. Over 44 days we will trek an electric caravan across America- stopping in 44 locations to celebrate with you! We begin in Charleston, SC and seven weeks later cross the finish line at Google HQ in California in attempt to break four GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS® titles, filming a full length documentary, and making a million memories for the history books.The Electric Parade includes: the electric car, electric motorcycle, electric scooter, and electric bicycle.


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Susan Jones
Susan Jones


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A2B Powers Through As Ben Rides On

Ben is such a trooper! Check him out as he trudges up the mountain today en route to Las Vegas, NM! A2B all the way! 
by morgan vanderwall


Day 21: Amarillio, TX —> Tucumcari, NM

It was a LONG, HOT ride to Tucumcari today on Day 21! Any recommendations on the best Green Chili on our path??? #RideTheFutureTour enters New Mexico!   Luci reaches MidPoint of the tour! #LuciRides   Rachel helping h...
by morgan vanderwall



Ride the Future Tour, a road trip spanning the width of the United States, involving 43 town parties along the way, and setting not one, but five Guinness world records, will stop in Chattanooga on Tuesday. Hosted at green|spac...
by Susan Jones


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Ride The Future Tour Launch in Charleston!

We hope you can join us for the Launch of Ride the Future Tour on   July 4th at 9 am from Brittlebank Park located at 0 Lockwood Blvd, Charleston, SC 29403, United States Come out at 8 am and help send us off on our 44 day...
by Susan Jones



by Susan Jones

Susan Jones and Electric Scooter

Our Fearless Leader

  Who’s in charge of this operation, anyway? Our fearless leader, Susan Jones of Xenon Motors, is pretty phenomenal. Not only is she the brains behind this operation, but her creativity + passion is the driving force beh...
by Susan Jones



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