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May 23, 2013

Stanford Finding Ways to Create Mass Change

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Your Avatar Is Saving Energy, Are You?

Written May 22nd, 2013 by Denis Du Bois

Psychology researcher Jeremy Bailenson has someone who will convince you to save energy. That someone is the virtual you. Stanford University professor Jeremy Bailenson is experimenting with virtual reality to change entrenched behaviors. He thinks there’s an application for his research in energy conservation and efficiency….

THE POTENTIAL FOR ENERGY conservation comes from linking that big idea with another idea that advertisers latched onto decades ago: social learning theory. It says that if you see behavior modeled, the probability that you’ll follow that advice increases if the person modeling the behavior is similar to you. “Who’s more similar to you than you?” Bailenson asks. “We can show you a public service announcement where you are the endorser.”…

| Energy Priorities energypriorities.com/2013/05/your-avatar-is-saving-energy-are-you/?goback=%2Egde_664267_member_243283938



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