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March 6, 2013

Reality Celeb Nicole Delma

Photo: Juan Patino

Nicole Delma is way more than a reality tv star (although she is our all time fave adventure show contestant). Nicole is a brilliant, drop dead gorgeous star with a mission to make our world a better place!

Photo Cred: Juan Patino
Delma competed as a contestant on Survivor Pearl Islands in 2003 and made a conscientious effort to leverage that experience and related media exposure to give back to charity and motivate others to do the same. A digital marketer by trade, Nicole has enjoyed a successful career leading email and data programs for major corporations including J.Crew, Conde Nast Publications, Getty Images and Music and RCRD LBL/Downtown Music. Nicole’s thought-leadership in the field of digital marketing has gained her international recognition as a speaker and educator and afforded her the opportunity to speak at various industry events including AdTech, eTail West, Econsultancy’s Digital Cream, Brazil’s Ecommerce 2013, among others.During the aftermath and devastation of 2012’s Hurricane Sandy, the NYC based Nicole experienced an epiphany of sorts that prompted her to step down from her corporate post to focus instead on leveraging her marketing skills to help organizations and causes she found to be worthwhile. In January 2013, she formed FOND Group LLC, a conscientious digital marketing agency with the goal of offering ‘big business’ level assistance to smaller businesses who are making a positive difference in the world.

Among the businesses and causes it supports, FOND Group is helping Ride The Future Tour, our nationwide campaign and multi-city event to raise awareness for electric vehicles; SurfIntoYoga, former pro-surfer Rochelle Ballard’s surf-inspired/pain free yoga method; Shopcaster.com, an online collaboration of indie retailers geared at facilitating localized shopping online; Good Water Farms, the Long Island based grower of the highly nutritious microgreens superfood and Grassrootsoccer.org, an organization focused on eradicating the spread of HIV and AIDS in South Africa through the power of soccer.

Nicole also organizes surf trips for women and runs the NY based media networking group The Usual Crew as means of fulfilling her passion for connecting great talent to great projects. An active racer and traveler, Nicole competes in both marathons and triathlons and will have traveled to over 7 countries to do so in the last year.  She is sponsored by the athletic gear provider, Champion Systems.



Nicole is about as cool as it gets in our book. We couldn’t more excited to have the reality tv alum on our amazing team!!! 


Special Thanks + Photo Cred to: Juan Patino

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Susan Jones
Susan Jones


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